Living Memories, Eternal Bonds, Everlasting Beauty

Share With Us This Ancestral Mexican
Celebration of Life After Dead

Not So Dead is a 10,000 NFT project inspired by the "Day of The Dead", an ancient prehispanic traditional celebration in which we receive all our loved ones that have died and come to visit us after their supernatural journey to the land of the living. Pictures of the dead are portrayed within altars that represent the deep and profound bond between them and us. Beautiful cempasuchitl decorations, music, dances, parades, papel picado, candles, delicious foods like mole, tamales, pan dulce, chocolate, churros, mezcal, tequila and calaveritas are all part of the welcome festivities.

Roads of flowers are designed to help and guide the souls to the altars, and some of the food is placed along the decorations so for one night it is believed that the dead can enjoy the pleasure of sharing a meal with family and friends. Although this celebration is aim to remember our loved ones that had pass away, we embrace it as a way to celebrate the GIFT OF LIFE.

This project aims to inspire people to seize that gift and live their lives to the fullest despite adversity. We want to build of a family like community that thrives on uplifting others, elevate opportunities and create experiences for us all. Be certain that there is always someone or something that can help us push through difficult moments in time, like the growing Web3 / NFT community has shown us that it’s possible to reach our dreams and change our lifes.

We hope our efforts can reach the hearts of those generous souls that share that vision.


We believe that diversity is what truly makes a rainbow beautiful, that's why our artist Laura Santiago put her heart and soul into creating over 250+ different and unique hand-drawn elements, so that when our Catrinas are generated there's not a single one that looks less stunning than the other.

  • 8 Blushes
  • 29 Clothes
  • 31 Crowns
  • 25 Earings
  • 30 Eye Colors
  • 20 Eye Shadows
  • 40 Hair Styles
  • 12 Mouth Expressions
  • 15 Lipstick
  • 6 Nose Types
  • 9 Skull Shadows
  • 20 Tattoo Styles


10% goal

10% SOLD
We Are Not So Dead

- We finally survived and still in the world of the living, at least for a while.

25% goal

25% SOLD
Custom Made Hoodies

- Giveaway 50 custom made Hoodies for random selected NotSoDead holders (will be posted on Twitter and Discord).
- Start the second phase of the project.

50% goal

50% SOLD
Time To Be Cheerleaders

- Devote 10ETH to NotSoDead patreon wallet to buy NFTs from new projects and talented artists, as a way to uplift our creative web3 community.
- Devote 5 ETH to buy Ipads for struggling artist/students.

75% goal

75% SOLD
Holders Giveaway

- Giveaway 1ETH to five randomly selected and active holders of NotSoDead PFP (5ETH in total).

100% goal

100% SOLD
Giving Back A Helping Hand

- Donate 20ETH to one foundation voted by members of NotSoDead community.

10% goal

Artist & Founder

Hello there!, I'm Laura Flores AKA Laura Santiago, a graphic designer, illustrator and the founder behind Not So Dead.

In essence just a Mexican artist with a creative mind who loves iced coffee, dogs, musicals, books and Christmas. When I'm not designing or drawing, you can find me baking desserts or watching Friends for the 1,000th time. (I just can´t help it).

From a very young age I was sure I would be a veterinarian, a pop star or a writer, but discovered colored pencils, markers and acrylic paint and all my plans changed.

In 2020 I graduated from Mondragon University with a BFA in Graphic Design and had the opportunity to develop my own brand of illustrated products: Laura Santiago®, but then the pandemic happened and had to start all over again.

I joined the NFT community in the last trimester of 2021 and supported by my amazing family decided to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time illustrator.

Not So Dead was inspired by my roots, built with the help of my loving family, and wish it to be embraced by a community that share the language of that dream.


What is the supply & mint price?

There will be a total of 10,000 Not So Dead Catrinas available on the ERC721A smart contract.
Each artwork will cost - 0.05 ETH + Gas Fees.

When is the launch date?

Presale: May 18th Price: 0.04ETH + Gas
Public Sale: May 19th Price 0.05ETH + Gas
NOTE: Official launch details will be shared on our website, Discord, and our Twitter page.

What is the utility?

Holders of Not So Dead Catrinas will have a fun & cute piece of art, holder-exclusive giveaways, contests, priority in future collections, and more!
Please check our Roadmap for further details.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored on a blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can have various benefits and utilities like event tickets or unlock exclusive content.

How can I contact the team?

You can reach us at our Twitter and Discord channels, or send us a message below.

Are you ready to be part of the journey? Mint your PFP now!

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